Channels, Packs & Movies

Learn more about purchasing & managing NJOI content.

What are the channel(s) / pack(s) available for purchase?

How do I purchase channels or packs?

I still have viewing time available, can I purchase the same channel / pack?

Am I charged SST for any purchase of channel(s) / pack(s)?

How long will it take for the purchased channel(s) / pack(s) to be activated?

I am not able to watch my purchased channel(s) / pack(s). What should I do?

Can I cancel my purchase of channel(s) or pack(s)?

What should I do if my transactions were unsuccessful?

Will I be notified if my transaction was successful?

Are there any extra charges for purchase of channels and packs?

What is Astro First and Astro Best?

How much does it cost for each movie from Astro First or Astro Best?

Where can I purchase Astro First or Astro Best movies?

How long can I watch Astro First or Astro Best movies after my purchase?

How long do I have to wait before I can watch the purchased movie?