General Enquiries

Frequently asked questions related to your NJOI services.

What is NJOI Prepaid?

What is the difference between Astro and NJOI Prepaid?

How do I sign up for NJOI?

What is included in the NJOI Box set?

As an Astro customer, am I able to enjoy the prepaid NJOI services?

Is the NJOI decoder HD-enabled?

Can NJOI Prepaid customers record programmes or watch on-demand content?

How much does it cost to get an NJOI Prepaid set?

When can I start enjoying my NJOI Prepaid services?

Where can I find my NJOI Prepaid account number and smartcard number?

I want to close my account. Will I need to return the NJOI Prepaid equipment?

How do I unsubscribe from NJOI SMS marketing?

What NJOI self-service transactions can be performed over the phone?

What is NJOI CH200?

What is the NJOI Prepaid WhatsApp number?

What can I do through NJOI Prepaid WhatsApp?

How do I access CH200?

What is the e-kasih program?

My smartcard has been stolen/broken. Can I get a replacement?