My NJOI app

Learn more about using My NJOI app to manage your NJOI purchases.

What is My NJOI app?

Can all NJOI customers use the My NJOI app?

Can I purchase Astro First movies through the My NJOI app or do I need to go channel 480 to purchase them?

Can I watch my favorite shows on the My NJOI app?

How are my credit card details authenticated before purchasing?

How do I check my purchases via the My NJOI app?

How do I make a purchase on the My NJOI app?

How do I set up my account on My NJOI app?

How do I top up my account on My NJOI app?

How far back can I view my transaction history?

How long will it take for the activation of the channel/pack after a purchase has been made on My NJOI app?

How much money can I store on My NJOI app?

How safe is it for me to use My NJOI app?

I conducted a successful transaction using My NJOI app but the transaction is not reflected in my bill statement. Why is this happening?

I still have credit in my NJOI app, upon termination of my NJOI service, what will happen to my credits in the app?

If I have more than one smartcard, what do I do?

I am no longer using NJOI, how do I remove my account from the My NJOI app?

Is there a daily limit to the number of transactions that I can perform through My NJOI app? Is there any spending limit for each transaction?

Software compatibility for My NJOI app

Is there any auto-renew option available on the NJOI website or My NJOI app?

Are customers able to store their credit/debit card details for future purchases?

What should I do if I suspect that my phone has been stolen or the confidentiality of My NJOI app has been compromised?

Where can I download My NJOI app and is it free?

Which language is My NJOI app available in?

Why can't I purchase prepaid packs and channels?

Will I be notified before My NJOI app credit expires?