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All of my previous channels entitlement are no longer available after buying a new NJOI box due to technical issues with my old one. Do I need to purchase the HD pack in order to get my earlier channels entitlement?

As a current NJOI customer, must I get the HD Pack?

Do I need to purchase the HD Pack before I can purchase other prepaid channels and packs?

How do I check my bill for NJOI HD purchase?

How do I purchase the HD Pack?

I am a new NJOI customer, why am I charged RM15 for HD services? I don't need HD services. I would like to watch my channels in SD, similar to existing customers.

I am an existing NJOI customer with a prepaid balance of RM50. Due to technical issues with my NJOI box, I bought a new box and it was activated under a new NJOI account. Since I have a prepaid balance of RM50, will it be credited to my new account?

I have purchased the HD Pack, will the prepaid channels I’ve purchased during this time be in HD as well?

I'm a new NJOI customer. My NJOI HD pack has expired however my prepaid channel is still valid for a few more days. Must I purchase the NJOI HD pack again to watch the remainder of my prepaid channel?

Is NJOI HD a recurring subscription?

Is the HD Pack only for new NJOI customers?

What are the channels available with the HD pack?

What is NJOI HD? Who is the target audience?

When NJOI was first launched, It was promised to be free satellite TV. Why is NJOI introducing a subscription fee for HD services? Are they allowed to?

Why is NJOI introducing HD?

Will the radio channels be available upon NJOI HD activation?