Top Up & Credit

Learn more about prepaid balance and NJOI voucher.

How do I check my prepaid balance?

How much are prepaid vouchers and where can I purchase it?

Will my NJOI Prepaid credit expire?

I received a pin number / physical voucher when I bought the prepaid top up. How do I activate my purchased NJOI Prepaid voucher?

I lost my NJOI Prepaid voucher. Can I get a replacement?

I am unable to activate my pin or physical NJOI Prepaid voucher. What should I do?

What happens to my credit if I top up again before the expiry date?

Will I still be able to top up my expired prepaid voucher?

How do I check my balance and when it expires?

I still have prepaid balance. Can I activate another prepaid voucher?

Can I share my credit with other NJOI Prepaid customers?